Preparing vegetables is about the least interesting topic I can think of!

What a way to start a blog post about something I’m supposed to know something about and share it with you enthusiastically!

I wonder if my dislike for vegetables comes from the fact that every day of my life growing up, my Grandmama served string beans (that’s green beans for non-southerners) and boiled potatoes! I didn’t like them then and I haven’t changed much.

Soon after I was married, I found myself as the “cook” for the tobacco crowd. Translation/explanation: my husband and I worked the summers helping his parents “put in” tobacco. Of course, you needed a crew of people to get that done, and my mother-in-law served them lunch, as was the custom back then.

When I asked my mother-in-law how to prepare something, usually vegetables, her reply was “just put them in the pot and boil them”! And that was basically the way our parents and everyone else cooked vegetables. And they were often cooked to mush!

But now, there are so many ways to cook vegetables that bring out their flavors so much better than boiling them! And with appliances like the Instant Pot and air fryer, it is much easier to cook vegetables and the flavors are better preserved.

You’ve probably heard this phrase about how to eat healthy – “eat the rainbow”. It is referring to all the brightly-colored vegetables you should eat to get the variety of nutrients you need to be healthy.

When reading about nutrition and healthy eating, the trend today is to eat more plant-based foods. And it’s more than a trend. Eating more plant-based foods is not a fad. It is the basis for building a healthier body. And more and more people are embracing that concept.

This is such an important topic, even if vegetables are not my favorite foods. So, I went to the experts for the best information and advice about vegetables – selecting, preparing, and the nutritional benefits of including more vegetables into your daily diet.

When it comes to nutrition and healthy eating, my go-to source is my friend, Cheryl A. Major. Cheryl is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach, and I encourage you to read her excellent post about plant-based foods on her website, Thin, Strong and Healthy.

If you would like to know more about eating plant-based foods, check out Cheryl’s post, “Plant-Based Diet”. Read it HERE!

And if you’re interested in how to prepare vegetables for more variety in your cooking, I suggest you read the post about preparing vegetables from Denise at Sweet Peas and Saffron. It is a comprehensive article about how to prep vegetables with great links to recipes and additional information. It is a great reference article! Check out “How to Meal Prep Vegetables” by clicking HERE!

What’s your favorite way to prepare vegetables? Do you have a go-to recipe? Leave your comments below!


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