I love finding and fixing home décor items on the cheap. In fact, practically everything in my house was either something old from family members, a great sale item, or something I found and fixed up.

Even if I could afford a designer to make my house magazine-picture-perfect, I wouldn’t want to. My home is a sanctuary that reflects who we are as a family. It is comforting to look around at items that evoke fond memories and the work involved in making it my own.

One of my favorite home bloggers is Lauren of “Bless’er House”. Lauren has a beautiful southern home that she has fixed up, thrifted and “diy-ed” into a warm, inviting place for her family. One of Lauren’s blog posts, “30 Home Décor Items You Should Always Buy While Thrift Shopping” is full of things similar to ones I have collected, upcycled and recycled for my home.

Follow along as I share some of Lauren’s items and similar ones in my home.




Whether you transform thrift store finds into beautiful home décor items or upcycle family treasures, you can easily decorate your home with meaningful and inexpensive items that reflect your personal style.

Do you have home décor that you have recycled or upcycled? What about incorporating family items into your decorating style? What treasures are part of your home décor that bring you comfort and joy? Reply to this email and tell me about them. I love hearing family stories and how you keep them alive through tangible items in your home.


Bless’er House with Lauren


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