Ever experienced the urge to declutter, but don’t know where to start? So, you just leave it for another time – when you’re feeling more motivated or energetic. You're not alone. Dana K White, of A Slob Comes Clean blog, offers practical wisdom on how to effectively tackle clutter, starting with what she calls the Visibility Rule.

You may have read to start with one drawer, like a junk drawer. Or start with your closet, sorting, donating, and trashing. While those are places you could start, if you’re like me, you quickly get too tired and the motivation to continue is soon gone.

And look around. You’re left with a bigger mess because you pulled everything out of that drawer onto the counter or spread out all your clothes on the bed. Bigger mess and your urge to clutter got up and went!

But Dana urges us to pause and consider a different approach.

Enter the Visibility Rule. Instead of starting the decluttering process with those tucked-away areas, Dana suggests focusing on spaces that are in plain sight.

Why? Because tackling visible clutter not only enhances the overall appearance of your home but also boosts your motivation to continue decluttering.

It makes a bigger difference faster!

Just look around first. What can you do in just a few minutes? You can make significant strides by addressing items that have been lingering unnoticed but would make a huge difference if picked up and put away. Whether it's clearing out unused containers, discarding expired food items, or simply straightening up, these small but visible changes can have a profound impact on your space.

So why prioritize visibility over the seemingly more important clutter tasks that you’ve been wanting to tackle for so long? Dana says that by focusing on what people see upon entering your home, you're not only creating a more welcoming space for guests but also streamlining your decluttering efforts. After all, the areas that catch the eye are often the easiest to tackle, making it a win-win situation.

What does prioritizing visibility look like in practice? It's about making intentional decisions based on what will make the most noticeable difference. Rather than getting bogged down by the enormity of clutter, start with manageable tasks that yield visible results. Whether it's organizing a countertop, decluttering a living room, or tidying up a high-traffic area, these small victories pave the way for larger successes.

Pick up an item and make a decision right then and there. Does it need to be trashed? (Keep a trash bag with you at all times.) Does it need to be put away? (That means you have a place for it and can take it there right away.) Or, is it still in good shape, but your family doesn’t need or want it anymore? (In this case, it goes into the Donate Box.)

In essence, the Visibility Rule offers a simple, but strategic approach to decluttering—one that prioritizes impact over effort. By making incremental changes to the areas that matter most, you'll not only create a more harmonious living environment but also gain a sense of accomplishment that fuels further progress.

So, remember the wisdom of the Visibility Rule. Instead of getting lost in the chaos of hidden clutter, channel your energy into transforming the spaces that make the greatest impression. Your home—and your sanity—will thank you for it.