How UN Are You? Assessing Your Motivation, Interest, and Energy for Decluttering, Cleaning, and Organizing

I have been planning and dreaming about taking control of my house for over a year now. I’ve considered each room and how I want the room to look, feel, and function. I’ve made this a major goal for this year.

I’ve thought about the available spaces and whether my belongings would fit into the spaces. However, I know the answer to that problem. No – my belongings would not fit into the available spaces in my home. Solution: get rid of enough stuff so the remaining stuff will fit into my space.

I know what I want, and I know what I need to do. Why haven’t I been progressing on this goal?

After much procrastination and endless analysis, I have come to the inevitable conclusion.

I want a decluttered, clean, and organized home. I just don’t want to do it!

I’m the founder and organizing leader of the UN-Crowd – the UN-motivated, UN-interested, and UN-energetic!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, uninterested, or lacking in energy when faced with household tasks? If so, you’re not alone. Welcome to the UN-Crowd!

Many of us find ourselves in the UN-Crowd at one time or another, struggling to muster the motivation to tackle clutter and chaos. We may want a clean and organized house, but getting there is a major struggle.

This post is all about assessing your motivation, interest, and energy levels when it comes to decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your home.

Understanding the UN-Crowd

To begin, let’s consider whether you are a likely member of the UN-Crowd. The UN-Crowd consists of individuals who feel UN-motivated, UN-interested, and UN-energetic when it comes to decluttering, cleaning, and organizing their homes. They may feel overwhelmed by the thought of tackling clutter, lack the energy to get started on household tasks or simply hate the thought of decluttering, organizing, and cleaning.

There are several common reasons why people may find themselves in the UN-Crowd. Busy schedules, overwhelming clutter, and a lack of knowledge on where to start can all contribute to feelings of being UN-motivated, UN-interested, or UN-energetic when it comes to household chores.

Assessing Your UN Status

Now that we've defined the UN-Crowd, let's take a closer look at where you currently stand on the “UN” scale. Using this simple self-assessment tool, you'll be able to rate your current level of motivation, interest, and energy when it comes to decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your home.

Take a moment to reflect on each statement and rate your feelings honestly on a scale of 1 to 10. Once you've completed the assessment, you'll have a clearer understanding of your current status and where you may want or need to focus your efforts.

Click on the title below and take this quick and easy self-assessment. It should take only a couple of minutes.

Self-Assessment: Where Are You on the UN Scale?

Are You a Member of the UN-Crowd?


Identifying Challenges and Obstacles

As you complete the self-assessment, you may begin to identify specific challenges or obstacles that are contributing to your feelings of being unmotivated, uninterested, or unenergetic when it comes to household tasks.

Are you too busy to embrace decluttering and organizing?

Is knowing where and how to start daunting?

Do you fear letting go of stuff you’ve had forever?

Are you happy with the current level of clutter and organization in your home?

Take note of any patterns or recurring themes that emerge as you reflect on your current status. Do you want to make changes in the current status of clutter, organization, and cleanliness of your home? If not, fine. It’s up to you.

By identifying any challenges, you'll be better equipped to develop strategies for overcoming them and moving forward toward a more organized and peaceful home environment.

That’s where I’m headed – toward an organized, peaceful home, one where I know what stuff I have and where I’ve stuffed it! (Not “stuffed it” – I mean where I assigned it to be, nearest its point of use, and where I might look for it first when needed!)

It’s going to be a long and slow journey for me. The goal is better, not perfection. And I don’t think there is an end. There will always be parts of the process that need repeating from time to time. But each time I have to declutter, clean, or organize again, it will be easier than the first time.

Are you coming? What’s holding you back?

A final word of clarification: Your decluttering, cleaning, and organizing journey may look very different from mine. There is no right or wrong way to get to your destination. You simply decide how much or how little you need or want to declutter, clean, and organize. Take what you need or want from the resources and advice I share along my journey, and let the rest go. Define your organizing journey. Do as little or as much as you decide.

Comments and questions are welcomed!