Do you have a decorating style? And just what does that mean, anyway? When I researched decorating styles, there doesn’t seem to be any definitive list of styles! Apparently, if you can describe your decorating style in a few words, then you can add it to the ever-broadening list of decorating styles out there. The most accepted rule for decorating is that that are no rules!

Just for fun, I looked for style quizzes online. There are almost as many style quizzes as there are styles! While they are not meant to define your style and how you should decorate your home, they are fun to take and see how the results resemble how you define your decorating style.

Here are just a few decorating style quizzes that are minimal in the number of questions and fun to take. I took them all, and it was interesting to see how close they were to defining my actual style. And you were not required to give your email address or sign up for a subscription in either of these quizzes.

Apartment Therapy: Trust Your Taste: Our Ultimate Find-Your-Style Quiz


The seven questions in this simple quiz include photos of four different rooms labeled A, B, C, and D. Write down the letter of the image you like the best in each group of four. Then examine your responses to see which letter you have chosen the most times. Your suggested style is defined by the letter you chose the most.

The result of  the Apartment Therapy quiz for me was warm industrial. From the photos available, I can see how that would be my result. However, some of my choices were more like the “best of the four options” than “I really loved this room”.

Design Society of America: Interior Design Style Quiz


There were six options from which to choose in each of the 12 questions. The first question asked which room created the feeling you would like your home to have. The following questions asked which you liked best among chairs, sofas, tables, flooring, lighting fixtures, patterns, art, rugs, mirrors, dining rooms, and kitchens.

I enjoyed taking this quiz, because the results offered more options to explore your design style. When your designed style is revealed, you are given a detailed description of the style, suggestions for magazines you might like, and suggestions for places to shop for your style.

I took this quiz twice, and made some different choices the second time, but I still liked each of the options I chose. Interestingly enough, my style turned out to be the same – Coastal Chic.

HGTV: Find Your Design Style + Toast Your Good Taste


This simple quiz showed you photos from which to choose your favorite in nine questions. Included were kitchens, living rooms, nightstands, gardens, house exteriors, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and fireplaces. After revealing your design style, you could further explore design inspiration in your style.

I took the quiz twice and selected different photos the second time around. I liked the options I selected both times, but the results were more different than I expected. My first design style was traditional and the second time I took the quiz, my design style was contemporary. Interesting!

Pottery Barn Style Quiz: Find Your Style


The six questions in this simple quiz showed you six options from which to select your favorite among color, pattern, architectural style, dream vacation, material, and flowers.

I also took this quiz twice, because I liked more than one of the options shown.

I was surprised when my style was the same both times – Coastal!

After revealing your style, you are invited to “shop the look”. Naturally the shopping options were from Pottery Barn, which I love anyway!

Did you take any of the quizzes? How close were they in predicting your personal decorating style? Leave your comments about your experience and decorating style!

 Ultimately, you should decorate your home in the style that makes you and your family feel comfortable and happy. When you do that, you’ve found your decorating style.

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