I participated in a MrBeast challenge. Me. The ultimate introvert – certified no less.

And now that the video has been published, I am no longer bound by the non-disclosure agreement.

So, here’s my story.

First, if you are not familiar with MrBeast (yes, that’s the correct title for him), he is the world’s (yes, I said world) most-subscribed individual on YouTube and the second-most subscribed channel overall.

MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, has over 253 million subscribers, and the video in which I participated already has over 51 million views and climbing after only one day since its release.

In fact, Jimmy – MrBeast was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in February 2024!  Have you read the article?

MrBeast Time Magazine Cover

In May of 2023, I came across an online application to participate in a MrBeast challenge. I filled it out. I don’t know why.

It’s not like that was on my Bucket List. And I’m not very good at mingling with people I don’t know. And I like to know what to expect in any given situation.

Then I forgot about it.

In December, I got a call inviting me to participate in a Zoom meeting interview. I was told that this did not mean I was chosen. I was only going to go through a casual interview with casual questions.

Then, in January 2024, I got a call inviting me to move to the next step in the casting process!

I had to complete a Casting Questionnaire, Contestant Intake Form, and sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevented me from sharing any information about the challenge until after the video was published.

At this point, I was still in the running for selection as a contestant but had no assurance of becoming one.

By the end of January, I was issued an official invitation announcing my selection as a MrBeast Contestant!

I was allowed to share that information with family and friends, but nothing about the actual event, of which I knew nothing anyway.

The challenge took place the first week of March.

I was in quarantine in a nice hotel with a kitchenette for 5 days. That included an extra day because of technical issues before starting the challenge.

There were 100 contestants, ages 1 – 100. I’m #74.

We received 3 room service meals and snacks daily.

As a confirmed Introvert, I loved being alone for 5 days, with my laptop and a TV! I worked on my blog, emails, products, did research, and watched TV. That’s what I call fun!

All contestants were invited to submit a drawing of MrBeast-related content for prizes in each age group. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, but I submitted this one. (And – I didn't win! Surprise!) Can you identify what each of the items in the circle represents?

Before the challenge started, we were allowed to go outside for a little while and rotate through doing a Feastable commercial, MrBeast’s chocolate bars and several other stations.

I wasn’t worried about that, because I knew there was no chance that mine would be selected. I’m not exactly an “on-camera” person.

The final station included an individual photo shoot in a number of poses in our outfit for the challenge.

Then back to our rooms until challenge time.

We were issued an athletic outfit that included a blue jacket, matching blue pants, white T-shirt, white socks and white sneakers.

The outfit was in men’s sizes, and needless to say, mine didn’t fit well. The pants were about 18” too long. I just tried to roll them up to keep from tripping over them.

The shoes were too small, and they did not have a larger size available. So, I squished down the heel and wore them like clogs.

MrBeast Contestant Outfit

The day before filming started, we were bussed to the studio for practice. I use the term practice loosely.

The set consisted of 5 rows of 20 bedroom plexiglass cubicles, separated down the middle with a ramp for access. The rows were tiered, so that each row was higher than the previous row. Then everyone could see the front where MrBeast and his pals worked the event.

Row 1 was ages 1 – 20, the next row included people ages 21 – 39, and so on. As a 74-year-old, I was on the next to the top row, followed only by the 80 – 100 year-olds!

First, everyone was lined up in front of the cubicles in age order and we practiced yelling and cheering on cue for the 360-degree camera overhead. We practiced and we practiced. After 45 minutes, I assume they thought they had enough to get some good video. (None of it was used in the final video!)

Then, we practiced marching to our cubicles, which had an open-door area on the back and our age number in the middle of the floor. And we practiced and we practiced.

When we were “good enough”, we were bussed back to the hotel. The challenge started the following day!


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