Continued from 15 Seconds of Fame – or Less..

After 5 days of quarantine in the hotel and practice at the studio, the MrBeast challenge was set to start.

Expecting to start the challenge bright and early, I got dressed and waited for directions to board the bus. And I waited. And I waited.

By the time we were bussed to the studio and practiced marching to our cubicles a few times, the official challenge started about 3:00 pm.

Once we stepped into our cubicle, we had to stay inside until we were eliminated. If we stepped out, across the red line at the door space, we were automatically eliminated.

We still had no idea what the challenge was all about.

The only things in our cubicles were a bed with white linens and a pillow, a box underneath the bed with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a few snack items, and a tablet on a podium in the corner of the cubicle.

First order of business was to test the tablet. Pictures of all contestants and their ages were already loaded onto the tablet.

MrBeast then directed us to vote for one person who we thought should win the $250,000 prize. If everyone voted for the same person, the challenge was over.

Most people voted for themselves. I voted for the 100-year-old.

On the tablet screen was a picture of a toilet. If we needed “to go”, we pushed that button and a port-a-potty was wheeled down the aisle on our level and into our cubicle. When we were “finished”, we came out and the port-a-potty was wheeled out and back down the aisle to be sanitized for the next consumer.

Now, we’re ready.

MrBeast announced that he needed 10 of us to leave on our own volition.

If 10 people did not leave, then 25 people would be randomly selected to be eliminated from the challenge. Ten minutes was allotted.

Ten people did not leave. The 1-year-old, 3-year-old, 89-year-old left, and one other person left. That’s all.

I don’t think the 1-year-old and 3-year-old were responding to the request. They just ran out of the room!

Getting down to the business of elimination of 25 people!

A machine with popup ping pong balls with each of our ages on them was used to make the selections.

#18! #85. #82. #73.

OK – good. #73 was gone. The odds were in my favor that #74 wouldn’t be chosen, at least not right away.

So, I sat back on my bed and relaxed. I was feeling pretty confident.


And just like that, my 15 seconds of fame never materialized!

However, I am sharing exclusive photos that prove I was actually in the challenge.

You can watch the entire challenge here:

Ages 1 – 100 Decide Who Wins $250,000

I missed seeing Howie Mandel, who was a guest of the challenge at a crucial point. Afterward, MrBeast gave Howie a tour of the studio. (Click on Howie to see that!)

In case you missed me, (If you got to the 3 minute mark and didn’t see me – you missed me) here are the exclusive and conclusive photos of my participation:

Look for the yellow circle in the back on right side!
#74 getting settled in!
#73 eliminated! Odds for #74 staying improve!
Walk of Shame: the 25 randomly eliminated before the challenge started!

Until the video was published, I had no idea what happened after that! At the time of this posting, the video had been on YouTube for 3 days. Almost 80 million views. Over 163K comments.

And after all that, I remain anonymous. Fame is fleeting – or nonexistent as the case may be.

Was it worth it? Absolutely!

I took a chance at doing something I never would have volunteered for when I was much younger.

I met some interesting people in spite of my introversion, including a writer from Los Angeles, a family of a mother, father and son who owned a restaurant and a “dueling pianos” bar.

My new writer friend from Los Angeles told me about #82, a mother of 8, grandmother and great-grandmother of a LOT, who had never worn pants before this challenge. She was from Kentucky and requested they send her the fabric for her to sew a skirt to wear. However, the fabric didn’t arrive before she had to fly to the challenge. So, she wore the first pants in her life for this challenge. She was the 3rd person eliminated in the random 25! Bless her heart! (We say that a lot in the South!)

I also met a former principal of a school in a county near me. His wife was in basically the same challenge of ages 1 – 100 the previous year and came in second in the entire challenge! She made it to the last two contestants and made the wrong decision at the wrong time!

Because I live only about 30 miles from where MrBeast lives in Greenville, N.C., I wanted to know what it was like to see him in action and where the studio was located.

It was a great experience!

I also know several people who have won money from MrBeast challenges or “encounters”.

My granddaughter’s roommate was a participant in the 100 girls vs 100 boys. She was one of the remaining girls left who won the challenge and won several thousand dollars.

My grandson’s friend won $35,000 by making a basketball shot.

And my husband’s friend and former co-worker was one of the 1000 people who received hearing aids from MrBeast. I’ll call him G. MrBeast talked with him afterward and asked him if he needed a car, and G said he didn’t. Then MrBeast asked him what he would do with the money if he were given some. G said he would put it in a college fund for his grandchildren. When MrBeast asked him how many grandchildren he had, G replied “12”. He was given $12,000. A nice little jumpstart on college funds.

I didn’t win the money, and I was eliminated before the challenge really got started, but I didn’t come away empty-handed.

We were told we would receive $500 if we didn’t win anything else. But we were given $1000 instead.

I don’t think $1000 is too bad for 5 days in a nice hotel with meals brought to you, high-speed Internet, and all that time to work on my business and watch TV!

I’m a pretty proud Introvert, who put myself “out there” for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!


By the way, did you identify what each of the items on my rejected artwork represented in Mr.Beast world (from previous post)?

Here are the answers, clockwise from top:

  • Tree – 23 million trees planted, estimated to absorb around 2 million pounds of harmful carbon air pollution
  • Trash bag – removed over 8,000,000 kg (17.8m lb) of trash from the oceans and rivers worldwide
  • Well – built 100 wells in Africa, bringing clean drinking water to an estimated 500,000 people
  • Candy bar – introduced Feastables chocolate bars in several varieties, making over $250 million in first year
  • Numbers – MrBeast first viral video breakthrough, counting to 100,000
  • Bee – MrBeast red the entire Bee Movie script in a video
  • Eye and Ear – paid for 1000 people to have their vision restored and donated hearing aid technology for 1000 people
  • Dictionary – MrBeast read the entire dictionary in one sitting



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