When you think of Thanksgiving and pie, what comes to mind? Pumpkin Pie? Today, I’m offering another suggestion – Chocolate Chess Pie! Everybody loves chocolate, right? And all of us could use a little chocolate comfort.

I’ve made Chocolate Chess Pie from a lot of different recipes, some of which have been labeled as the signature recipe of some famous restaurants or from prize-winning cooks. I even set up a blind taste test of two award-winning pie recipes along with my humble recipe. And I asked the most discerning connoisseur of Chocolate Chess Pies that I know to be the judge – my grandson. I’ve seen that handsome tall skinny kid devour half of a pie at one sitting!

The winner of the blind taste test of Chocolate Chess pies was…(drumroll, please!)…my Chocolate Chess pie! I will admit that my grandson said one of the other recipes was a close second, but he still picked mine as the certified winner.

I want to give you a little back story to my humble rise to pie stardom (at least in my family’s estimation). My family celebrated my daughter’s birthday one year at a famous steak restaurant, which shall remain nameless, in Raleigh, North Carolina. After a sumptuous steak dinner, she ordered Chocolate Chess Pie for dessert. I thought it was too expensive for such a simple dessert, one that I could easily make at home and could probably make several pies for the cost of that one slice.

However, when the waiter served the pie, I tasted it and was struck by how smooth and creamy, as well as downright chocolate heaven it was! When I returned home, I started experimenting. How hard could it be to make a Chocolate Chess Pie as good as the one in the famous restaurant? Turns out – not so hard!

The recipe I had been using was from a local cookbook, assembled and sold by a rural women’s community service organization. They started the cookbook in 1958 and its popularity has continued to grow along with sales. These are recipes from country cooks who have lived their lives cooking for their families and everyone else in the community. I can’t say it contains the most nutritious recipes. But I can say it contains some of the best-tasting recipes!

But I digress. The recipe listed only six ingredients and the directions were simple: “Mix ingredients. Pour into unbaked pie shell and bake 30 minutes at 350°.” After a few tries, I came up with what I and my family thought was a much better pie. So, I rewrote the recipe to include every step I followed to create a smooth, creamy, and delicious Chocolate Chess Pie.

So, how did I change it? Check out my YouTube video to see! And subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when more videos are added! Go to https://www.youtube.com/c/herlifehacks/

You’ll also find my rewritten and renamed recipe there for The Ultimate Quick and Easy Chocolate Chess Pie! And I’d love to hear about the pies you make. Do you have a favorite recipe? Email me at vicki@herlifehacks.com!

Now – move over Pumpkin Pie. Let’s make Chocolate Chess Pie the new Thanksgiving pie!